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At Arrivals, we love taking care of our patients. That means we work hard to make sure you feel comfortable, up-to-date and in control of your decisions throughout your conception, pregnancy and delivery – including your appointments and medical expenses.

We operate two clinics. Our Woolloongabba clinic is just across the road from Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital. Our Brookwater clinic is located near the Springfield Mater Private Hospital.


Pregnancy is special and exciting. New life has been created! Pregnancy can also be daunting, especially first time around.

The choices to be made seem endless; What “model of care”? Public or Private? Which hospital? At Arrivals we remove the guesswork.

Arrivals offers a package of expert pregnancy management based on the principles of Group Practice and Private care, and we only deliver at the Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital, South Brisbane, Australia’s largest maternity hospital. What makes us different...


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